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Remember That Time I Broke My Nose in Capoeira Class?

I spent Monday night in the ER.

After catching a kick with my nose at about 8:30pm we headed to Urologico, a neighborhood hospital. The doc took a quick look, said it looked fractured and said we should go to La Trinidad, a regional hospital, where they have proper imaging machines.

Upon arrival I paid to be admitted and then we waited.


The bleeding had mostly stopped by then but the nurses stuck some cotton up my nose.


After a couple hours I was brought back to the ER. At this point Pula-Pula and Mestre Choco went home while my friend and tocayo, Maikel Vega, found the chair that would become his for the next eight hours.

They wheeled me to the imaging machine and did that whole thing. Then we waited. As it turned out, there was no doctor qualified enough to pass final judgement until 8am. But if I were to leave the hospital, they warned me that it would take a month or so to be able to resume the process. That was not a risk I wanted to take, so we waited.

When the plastic surgeon finally came he gave me the option for surgery but didn’t deem it essential. A small fracture. Since my breathing wasn’t affected and my nose didn’t really change shape at all, I opted to get out of there. No surgery; just a shot in the butt to reduce the swelling.

We hurried home so we could clean up and then made it to school for second period and, of course, that evening’s Back to School Night.

In the end, all is well. I can’t practice for a month or two so I will have extra time now to learn the instruments, which I am looking forward to. Axé, camara.

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