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Summer Recap

I had intended to write a loose ends type of post at the end of the school year to make up for the lack of writing during May. But you know what? I forgot. And now I don’t remember what I was going to include. So how about this: May was crazy busy.

So now I’m thinking I should give a summer recap before time renders such a post not, I suppose, meaningless, but certainly less timely.

This summer was a summer of smells for me.

Los Roques smelled like salty paradise and sunscreen, cheap beer and boat fumes. After sun-drenched days and with the after-sun lotion drenching our noses, we would sleep motionless.

I was deeply struck by the smell of evergreen trees, particularly the big cedar in my parent’s backyard, when we pulled into their Seattle driveway at midnight. The lavender on the burm in the front yard was the main reason I was willing to play fetch with Matteo in the street on any given day. And the not-quite but almost nightly fires in the back yard made showering the next morning, and laundry sometime thereafter, that much more inviting. The regular afternoon whiffs of skillfully crafted beers and ciders made it easy to forget the cheap beer back in Venezuela. After removing the smoke-drenched hoodie and sinking into our beloved mattress, we would sleep motionless.

Morning jogs down the lane in Nova Scotia happened more often than they would have otherwise thanks to the softly beckoning smells. Wild roses and raspberries on the side of the road were an irresistible justification for slowing the run to a walk. Sea glass hunting was punctuated by the dried seaweed at the tide line and not at all lessened by the foreknowledge of lobster and melted lemon butter waiting for our return to the cottage. We were met by the shadowy funk of bear as we passed through the copse into the expanse of freshly mowed and long-undomesticated hay fields. Any wipe of the brow or scratch of the neck returned the ever-present smell of bug spray to the forefront of our perception. After opening the upstairs windows to the clean night air, we would again sleep motionless.

If you had to give up one of your five senses, which would it be?  The majority of people say smell. Not me.

Here are some select photos from the summer.

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