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Sunday Adventure: Jardín Ecológico de la Concha Acústico

I wish I could say that Sunday Adventures will be a recurring theme on Fino Cambur, but that would be too much pressure. The best adventures can’t be scheduled anyway.

Yesterday we set out to drive the route to the dermatologist Kat will be seeing on Tuesday morning. (It’s smart to know where you are going in Caracas.) Not only did we find the clinic, we also found, by accident, an amphitheater called La Concha Acústica de Bello Monte at the end of Avenida Caurimare in Las Colinas de Bello Monte. What first caught our attention was a waterfall at the top of the amphitheater that ended up being a downhill flow of drain water that smelled slightly of poo mixed with laundry soap. But then, up behind the far corner of the amphitheater, we found an ecological demonstration garden. There were guppy tanks to show natural methods for controlling mosquitoes (we still got quite a few bites walking around) and plantings of different native plants and recycled art pieces. It was all beautiful in a rough sort of way. And certainly very unexpected.

After we wandered around a fair bit we went to the corner panaderia to get a snack. There we found Chocolate Maria cookies which I haven’t seen for ages, and for only 160 Bs. a package. (That’s a pretty sweet deal these days.)  And next door, though closed at that hour, there was a specialty meat shop.

It was the best accidental adventure the three of us have had in quite a while. The best part is that it has given us things to look forward to another day. Perhaps we can see a play at the Caja de Fosforos. Perhaps we can check out the specialty meat shop when it’s open. Perhaps, one day, the amphitheater will be functional again. Perhaps we will be inspired to adventure to a different corner of the city next weekend.

Check out the photo captions for more details.

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