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Thanks for the Snow Day, Maduro!

The closest we get to snow days here in Caracas are when our government leaders choose to close schools for the day. Sometimes it’s to mourn the death of illustrious leaders. Sometimes it’s for less obvious reasons but when it happens it’s usually without warning.

Yesterday President Maduro declared a day off school.

From El Diario de Caracas I found this:

“Mañana es día de la Juventud. He decidido declarar día nacional de la juventud y que mañana la juventud tenga el día libre para movilizarse a celebrar su día en los liceos, escuelas. Muchachos y muchachas, a conmemorarlo, haciendo cultura, marchando”, expresó Maduro.

Tomorrow is Youth Day. I have decided to declare a National Youth Day and that tomorrow the youth have a free day to be able to mobilize themselves in high schools and elementary schools. Boys and girls, to commemorate it, making culture, marching. 

There was already an opposition march planned for today. From a US Embassy Security Notice:

“U.S. Embassy Caracas informs U.S. citizens that a student opposition march is expected to take place in Caracas beginning at 10:00 a.m. on February 12.  A student opposition group will be demonstrating with the stated purpose of protesting the one year anniversary of last year’s protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.”

So, was his announcement a political move? Attempt to preemptively deflate the opposition student march? Almost assuredly.

But hey, we’re going to use our time well today. On the agenda: pack for our Carnaval trip to the Orinoco Delta; buy some new bed sheets because the set we bought after our wedding are finally ripping after nine years; eat some popsicles; get massages; and maybe even do some school work…well, we’ll play that last one by ear.

Thanks for the snow day Maduro!

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