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Octovarfest 2014

Last weekend we packed the family + Nadjib in the car and headed to Oktoberfest Colonia Tovar for the punnily named, “Oktovarfest.” As mentioned in my first visit to Colonia Tovar — Colonia Tovar : Caracas :: Leavenworth : Seattle.

So anyways…

Though we are definitely not the type for crowds, this time we braved the busiest weekend in Tovar all in the good pursuit of good beer. We found success and made it through the weekend free of hang-overs thanks to the support of our beer drinking team, our beer drinking shirts and our beer drinking socks (and probably because we refused to even make eye contact with the Polar taps).

Let’s start with the known: Tovar and Tovar Hefeweizen. They are easily the best beers to be bought in stores around Caracas. And, they are far better from the tap than the bottle.

I was imagining that our choices would be limited to these two beers plus some Polar varieties (since they were a major sponsor), but no! Tovar busted out a Dunkelweizen to our great joy.

P1040121And then there were two brewers that we had never heard of before: Benitz and Coloniera, both apparently from Colonia Tovar as well.

The Benitz beer was bright and citrusy but a tad too sweet. One was enough. Coloniera, however, brought two heavy hitters — a Pale Ale and a Porter — the latter of which was, in my estimation, the best beer at the event. This is probably because I’m a sucker for porters. To enjoy a really good, really cold porter in the tropics?! Well, you win, my friend, Mr. Coloniera. You win.

Of course, I must give credit where credit is due. A huge thanks to Innes Isom for chairing the Oktovarfest sub-committee, making the uniforms and getting the entrance tickets. You, sir, are also a winner.

As for lodging, Posada Don Elicio is a really quite something. It’s warm, well-staffed, and impeccably cared for. The food isn’t the absolute best, but it is quite good. The space is quiet, beautiful, and the view is wonderful. It felt like home, which was perfect for waking up after a night of festivities.

And then, enjoy some miscellaneous pictures from the weekend.

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