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Protests and Yogurtland

Protests and Yogurtland don’t belong together. But I bring them together to highlight the craziness that is Caracas right now.

Yesterday there were massive marches (#LaSalida, #12F)  all across the country. They were not being led by Capriles, the (former?) leader of the opposition coalition who ran against Maduro in the last presidential election. Some say the marches are naive and dangerous, some say the movement has no clear objective and is more a cathartic outlet. No Venezuelan TV station reported on the marches and any that did risked being shut down by the communicational hegemony.

Some university students (here’s video of one) were killed as well as one government supporter. Search #LaSalida or #12F on Twitter to see a host of photos. Some are quite graphic.


Yogurtland was giving away free frozen yogurt between the hours of 4 and 7pm yesterday afternoon. After our staff meeting we headed down there with Graham and Dora and got the VIP treatment. The store opened recently in our neighborhood and we’ve been there several (many) times since it opened. It paid off because when we walked up and saw the line, all we had to do was make eye contact with the manager who was stationed at the door. Within seconds the yogurt was flowing into our cups.

“And live from Yogurtland…”

A local radio station (92.9 fm) was broadcasting live from Yogurtland. Their presence was a smart publicity move for the store but I couldn’t help but wonder: when they weren’t playing music, what were they talking about? — the line out the door and the flavors of yogurt? — the marches? — the intense pain our Venezuelan friends are experiencing as their country spirals to who knows where? — the students dying? —  the lack of media coverage? — the gringo family enjoying special treatment and their usual flavor and topping choices?

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