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At the end of last Spring, news of Venezuelan toilet paper shortages was making the international media rounds. (Shit sells…or something like that. ) Upon our recent return, I went to the Chacao market and bought 42 rolls. I just don’t want to have to worry about it for a while.

Currently, the shortage that affects us more than any is milk. Personally, I could go without having milk in the house, but Graham likes it, and seeing as mango constitutes a full 40% of his diet these days, it’s a good way to get some protein in him.

The corollary consideration is ice cream. We bought an ice cream maker last year because we had quickly discovered that the “ice cream” in the supermarkets is nearly void of any milk ingredients, and therefore quite toxic. But without liquid milk available now, we can’t really make our own. Our attempts with UHT (shelf stable) and powdered milk in the ice cream maker has resulted in bizarre consistencies, but that doesn’t actually matter much because powdered milk is now increasingly difficult to find as well.

You can read about the fate of the liquid milk here.

And then you can entertain yourself with a quick video of milk arriving at a supermarket.

Sidenote: I heard from a local that people swarm the paper product depositories, buy large quantities, and then resell at quite the mark-up. Who knows, I may have bought those 42 rolls from just such an opportunistic entrepreneur. My guess is that the folks in the video use the milk in the same way.

One comment on “Milk Arrival

  1. cokerdemdepriest
    August 26, 2013

    Love it! We bought store ice-cream last week manufactured from powered milk. Definitely a unique crunchy-esque taste. Maybe you can trade one of those rolls of TP for a pint of milk….

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