Fino Cambur

Cool Bananas

A New Adventure. A New Blog.

I’m not sure what you should expect from this blog. Like anything, it will change over time. However, I imagine there will consistently be plenty of shorter, news-like posts to update you with events/adventures/experiences that we have. There may be less frequent but lengthier opinion type pieces. Hopefully there will be plenty of photos (though the cheap point and shoot we bought before coming is pretty crappy).

It took us quite a while to come up with a blog title that we both liked, and what we eventually chose comes from a fairly common saying here in Venezuela. Fino cambur. It means “cool bananas.” It’d be like saying “cool beans” back home.

You’ll see that Kat will write some posts and I will write some posts. So you’ll get some variety. There are two categories of posts on this blog — one for Kat and one for me, in case you’d like to search for posts that way. You can see the categories with the other widgets at the bottom of the home page.

Graham wanted the website to be called Pam n Balls (like cannon balls, I think) so we gave him a page by that name.

In any case, I know we both hope you enjoy what we have to share. Much love you all of you. Buen provecho.

2 comments on “A New Adventure. A New Blog.

  1. Ed & Virginia
    September 14, 2012

    Hi, Enjoy your blog. We have it in our, “favorites”.
    Love, Grandma & Grandpa

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