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Capoeira Humaitá Celeiro de Bambas, Caracas

Over the course of the week I’m going to post some videos of my Capoeira group. A few months ago Nadjib came and took pictures of one of our training sessions. The photos were most excellent; so he and I decided to turn them into videos, sort of as gift to the group, but also because they’re fun to make.

I’ll start this series of posts with a video that includes everyone.

Capoeira Humaitá Celeiro de Bambas, Caracas from Michael Stein-Ross on Vimeo.

Thanks to Pessego, I have a translation of the lyrics to the song on the video.

Chorus: It’s me, Humaitá, it’s me

I used to live in the lands of Angola
When the mister capturated me
But Zumbi,  our great black king
There from captivity he setted us free


Inside of a navio negreiro (ships where they transportated slaves from Africa to America)
We were humiliated and mistreated
Those who got sick to the bottom of the ocean they were thrown


It was me that still had the hope
One day to return to Luanda
But I’m old and really tired and hurt
I can’t walk


I live in a small village
Over a hundred years have passed by and life feels bad
I remember my home land that is so far away and I can’t return


I feel a great void and pain in my heart
When I remember my ancestors
In the sound of the berimbau
I sing this song

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